Who Gives a Puck?

Ice Hockey doesn’t have to be fast and furious, it is also one of the best activities to refine speed, agility, reaction times and core body strength.
We offer coaching & competing at all standards, as long as you are fairly stable on the ice, we can nurture your skillz – you are in safe hands.

QUEENS has sessions weekly specifically for Adults.
There are also regular weekly session for Children, plus additional courses added over most school holidays.

NB: We don’t have Hockey Skates for hire, but our friends (just round the corner) at the London Skate Centre have a great selection at reasonable prices.


The Spitfires

Our resident (adult) Ice Hockey team are the Spitfires,
captained by Vid Jazbec,
always welcome a challenge & you are welcome to contact them, here, if you would like to chat about joining the team

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