2018, a new chapter for Ice Dance!

We are working with our resident ice dancing coaches to modernising this very vintage dance form, taking cues from the brilliant Dancing on Ice show, we are assembling an array of different classes for different ages and abilities.

Your next steps…
Whether a youngster or an adult, we need to know your skill level.
We’ll need to get you to have completed NISA Level 8 (we call this ‘Post Passport’)

For under 13s we have classes on Mon afternoons, plus Sat & Sun mornings.
For adults (13 and over) we have classes on Wed mornings & early evenings.

If you are confident you are beyond a NISA Level 8 then please message us below saying that.
the experienced, QUEENS Ice Dance sessions, complete with lights and music, are on…_____________________________

EMAIL US UNDER 13 year olds OVER 13 years olds

No one is quite sure how long Queens Ice Dance Club (QIDC) has been around, but there’s certainly been ice dancing at QUEENS for more than half a century. From the 1950s through to the 1970s produced top skaters, many of whom went on to become British, European, World and Olympic champions.

The roll of honour includes such names as Courtney Jones, June Markham, Doreen Denny, John Curry, Robin Cousins, Sally Stapleford, Diane Towler, Bernard Ford, & John & Jennifer Nicks – the list goes on. All coached at some stage in their careers by the late Gladys Hogg MBE, who began coaching at QUEENS from the day it opened in 1930 until her retirement in 1984.